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    16 Lights Gold Brass Sputnik Chandeliers with E27 16 Lights Gold Brass Sputnik Chandeliers with E27

    16 Lights Gold Brass Sputnik Chandeliers with E27

    Product Details

    Product Description

    1. Material: Brass

    2. Finish: Gold

    3. Size: 12/?910*H700mm, 16/?900*H1030mm

    4. Style: Contemporary 

    5. Voltage: 110V-120V,220V-240V.

    6. Warranty: 3-year warranty.

    7. Certificate: CE, SAA, RoHS, cUL, ETL 

    8. The package consists of three layers (polybag, foam and carton) 

    9. Delivery time: 20-30 days after confirming of deposit.

    10. Keywords: modern chandelier, gold color chandelier, chandelier for the lighting project

    Our advantages:

    1. Our affordable luxury lamps are 100% for export, with Europe and U.S. as the main export market. We only use high-quality materials and high-end manufacturing technology.

    2. The affordable luxury lamps we use is brass which shows beautiful and delicate. Every piece is best machine-cut and polished at least 3 times by hands.

    3. The surface treatment adopts Germany advanced technology, consisting of five layers' protection. 

    4. All the electrical parts obtained the approval of the Professional Certification Authority. 

    5. All affordable luxury lamps have a 3-year warranty. If there is any damage during shipping, we can provide you with the replacement of broken parts for free after confirmation.

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